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Isabelle Olivier "Dodecasongs" 2CD

Isabelle Olivier

Musicians on record:

23 international musicians and a singers like Norma Winstone, David Linx, Peter Erskine, David Binney, Eivind Opsvick, Didier Lockwood, Louis Moutin…

ENJA / Harmonia Mundi (2012)

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"Don't worry, be harpy" chapter one filmed by Anne Coudret

 Regardez la video "Don't worry, be harpy" chapter one filmée par Anne Coudret

Don't Worry Be HaRpy
Isabelle Olivier - harp;
Marc Buronfosse - bass;
Fabrice Moreau - drums.

Musique Isabelle Olivier.
Film Anne Coudret
26 May, 2013